High Class Victorian House

You know what? I'm going back in time. Because I want to live in a house like that. Look h...
 Block count: 6219
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Viking Fishing Hut

If You love fishing as much as vikings did (which is kinda impossible) then this one's for...
 Block count: 1216
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Swabian Carpenter

Seriously, listen up guys, because this Swabian style is simply amaaa-zinnnng! Funny and l...
 Block count: 1785
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Old Town Reading Club

Are You and Your minecraft buddies interested in reading? You should seriously consider bu...
 Block count: 8616
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Medieval Rustic Mansion

That's a model for those who like to differ and can't settle with anything but unconventio...
 Block count: 2000
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Medieval Rustic House 1

I seriously like rustic houses, they are so cozy and homey, plus they are not too big or t...
 Block count: 1427
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Medieval Prison

Well, this prison doesn't look very safe. I mean it is made of wood and it is not very har...
 Block count: 1741
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Medieval Shipyard

Where are all the greatest ships made? In the shipyard of course! If You're thinking about...
 Block count: 4564
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Big Medieval Winter House

Why is this house called a winter house? Is it because of its huge brick roof or is this h...
 Block count: 2465
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Viking House

Isn't this Viking house looking great? It is just awesome: the roof, the interior and the...
 Block count: 1318
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Medieval Three-story House

That's a huge one. Three stories, an eye-catching appearance and a looot of free space to...
 Block count: 3367
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Medieval Tavern

I have never seen a tavern that big before, have You? It really makes me wanna travel to M...
 Block count: 4047
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Big Medieval Windmill

Well that's a one of a kind windmill for sure! With a big house and stuff... Gazamo has re...
 Block count: 6356
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Small Viking House

Ever dreamed how the life of a viking was like? Well, if You get Yourself this small vikin...
 Block count: 694
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Small Medieval House 8

Oooh, so tiny! So adorable! Unexpected cuteness overload! Ok, I'll pull myself together no...
 Block count: 1223
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Simple Medieval House 4

One thing that can never be finished is Your medieval town. There are hundreds of models t...
 Block count: 680
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