Rivendell Tower

How cool would it be if we could live in Rivendell? Wasn't this place magical? I mean it ...
 Block count: 2175
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Medieval House with Garden

Oh, this house looks pretty funny to be honest. The roof looks like a face with tiny eyes ...
 Block count: 642
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Medieval Guildhall

This medieval guildhall looks pretty unique. The two towers, the shape of the house and th...
 Block count: 3387
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Medieval Barn

A barn doesn't have to be enormously big to stand for it's function. This cute little barn...
 Block count: 689
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Floating Island

A freaking floating island!? You've got to be kidding me, haha! That's brilliant! Cheers t...
 Block count: 8070
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Viking Town Hall

Vikings need a town hall and You're going to minecraft them one. And not a regular medieva...
 Block count: 2140
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Viking Butcher

Umm, yeah... Only tough guys can handle this building. Others please look away because it'...
 Block count: 1203
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Medieval Windmill 2

Windmill is always a nice object to minecraft. It has a certain function and it makes a gr...
 Block count: 1384
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Black & White Modern House

Black and white, my favorite colors. Everything looks good with black and white, You can n...
 Block count: 1256
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Asian Blacksmith

Don't You agree that those colorless medieval buildings should take a brake for a while? G...
 Block count: 633
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Wooden Villa

Aren't villas looking great? They are all so big and beautiful, imagine how much room You ...
 Block count: 2088
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Medieval Woodmill

Now this Woodmill is looking awesome. Look how detailed and cute it looks, I bet the perso...
 Block count: 7413
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Medieval Foundry

Foundry? What is that? Comes out that it's a factory that produces metal castings. Sound q...
 Block count: 11276
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Provincial Villa

Isn't this Villa looking great? When I was a kid I really wanted to live in a huge villa a...
 Block count: 6162
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Medieval Middle Class House 1

This is a middle class house? It is amazing and really fancy. I love the warm colors, how ...
 Block count: 5511
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Countryside Hotel

I have never been to a hotel before, pretty sad right? But that doesn't mean I don't know ...
 Block count: 14199
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