Emergency Vehicles


Rear Mount Aerial Ladder Truck

A ladder truck in its whole glory ... I like it, don't You? I know they are also very impo...
 Block count: 156
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Pumper Truck

It's always a good idea to build trucks. There're sooo many different models available, ju...
 Block count: 146
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Mid Mount Tower Ladder Truck

I am such a huge fan of emergency cars and let me tell You, this Ladder truck here is real...
 Block count: 136
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Heavy Rescue Truck

Hey you, passionate truck collector! It's time for another amazing Minecraft build! Here's...
 Block count: 166
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Field Ambulance

Ooh, don't You feel a little anxious every time You see an ambulance passing by? That's ho...
 Block count: 152
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Battalion Chiefs Truck

I was hoping for a chefs truck but I'll take that. I love the red color it has, usually ca...
 Block count: 95
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Airport Crash Truck

Oh man, You have no idea how many different style of vehicles are there in the airport... ...
 Block count: 216
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Patrol Car

I can not find a good reason why a town should not have a patrol car. I mean police needs ...
 Block count: 62
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Let us welcome the new heavy tank here! So this is a multi - turreted one, so it has a gre...
 Block count: 641
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Time for another awesome tank model, buddy! T-45 is a Tier II Premium Russian Light tank t...
 Block count: 177
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Okay, this vehicle here does not have a gun, really interesting! Anyway the design of it i...
 Block count: 109
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T-34 RU

You're looking at a remarkable historical piece from WW2. This tank has seen many battles ...
 Block count: 196
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T-34 Radar

Well that's something new. You've seen some enormous tanks but this thing is from another ...
 Block count: 207
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T-34 88

T-34 88 aka medium tank is here, ready for building! So, what do You think of it? The gun ...
 Block count: 190
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T-34 86

T-34 86, have You ever seen a tank like this before? I love it so much, just look how cool...
 Block count: 123
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Another legendary tank type is right in front of You. Seems cool, huh? It sure does! What ...
 Block count: 209
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