Emergency Vehicles


Ambulance Van

Somebody needs help? Jump in Your van and head to the emergency place! And if You don't ha...
 Block count: 242
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Fire Truck 2

Someone called the firemen? This here is an amazing firetruck, it is looking absolutely co...
 Block count: 215
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Police Car 2

If You are afraid for Your safety in Your Minecraft world, then go ahead and build Yoursel...
 Block count: 100
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This is a Paramedics car everybody, it is looking pretty cool, am I right? I really like t...
 Block count: 137
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Police Car

This is an awesome police car, just look at it. It looks seriously amazing. The wheels are...
 Block count: 124
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Fire Truck

This is a firetruck everybody - a huge one! Building this takes a little time, but if You ...
 Block count: 370
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Well, You can see that we have an Ambulance here. With that huge red cross on the side, I ...
 Block count: 279
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