Emergency Vehicles


Emergency Fire Truck 5

Fire truck!! If it isn't one of the most important trucks out there then You really need t...
 Block count: 140
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Coast Guard Truck 1

When I was smaller I really wanted to be part of a coast guard team and have a fun yet dan...
 Block count: 66
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Prisoner Transport Truck

Oh man, those prisoners will sit in a total darkness there. Isn't that too rough? You'll b...
 Block count: 126
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Police Flatbed Truck

This police truck here can be used for many different purposes like towing cars, deliverin...
 Block count: 64
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Police Dog Unit Truck

Finally some cute animals involved! This police dog unit truck unfortunately doesn't inclu...
 Block count: 102
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Emergency Fire Truck 4

This fire truck here is pretty accurate, don't You think so? I mean the colors are the sam...
 Block count: 168
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Emergency Fire Truck 3

If You have a town in Minecraft then You can not be without a fire truck, can You? Always ...
 Block count: 146
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Coast Guard Truck 3

Look how interesting this truck here looks! The bright colors are perfect for a coast guar...
 Block count: 70
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Coast Guard Truck 2

It feels to me that being part in a coast guard is a big deal, I mean this way You are als...
 Block count: 57
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Emergency Fire Truck 2

Looks like a fire truck made out of Lego blocks. Naaah, these're still decent Minecraft bl...
 Block count: 138
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Police Unit Van

Police vehicles are awesome. Every little boy dreams about having a whole collection of th...
 Block count: 98
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Police Mobile Command Truck

I have heard that in this truck You may or may not find a TV, a couch and maybe even a tin...
 Block count: 190
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Police Riot Van 3

Let them see You rollin' in this badass police riot van. Put on some relevant music and en...
 Block count: 70
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Police Riot Van 2

I can smell chaos in the town. And I feel like You're in need of a decent police riot van,...
 Block count: 106
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Police Riot Van 1

You'll miss 100% of the cool vehicles You don't try out. Don't do that. Discover the glory...
 Block count: 133
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Fire Engine 4

You don't always need to have a reason to build something. Most probably nothing's gonna b...
 Block count: 219
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