Emergency Vehicles



I feel that vehicles like this one here were one of the most popular ones in the russian m...
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ZIS 100

Another great vehicle for people out there who like Soviet military vehicles. So this one ...
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T-85 24

This is perfectly adorable tiny military vehicle. Now this is that type of vehicle You can...
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Okay, this is really interesting vehicle. For some reason I feel like it is really fancy a...
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I was just checking out some cool GAZ cars and did You know there is one with a grass? Yea...
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GAZ RU Katyusha

Amazing, this vehicle here is absolutely amazing! Isn't the design of it cool too? It is s...
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Do You believe if I say that I have been on board on one of these vehicles? It was a hot s...
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Armoured transportation, does this name ring any bells to You? Because that is exactly wha...
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This here was a famous car in the Soviet Union back in the old days. Now it is a great veh...
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Kamaz Typhoon

I came here for the cool name but I feel like I got much more than that. Have You ever tri...
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T-34 88B

That thing looks angry. Like it's just about to blow everything up. Scaaaary! But a real t...
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T-34 87

Welcome back, dear Soviet tanks fan! This time You're introduced another phenomenal tank f...
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T-34 85

There's something sooo appealing in tanks. Is it the story behind them? Or just their mad ...
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Comes out that T-23 wasn't exactly a Soviet tank. It was a prototype tank that was produce...
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This piece may not remind You of a tank at the first glance. More of a pile of stones perh...
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KV-6 Hippo

Umm, why such a weird nickname- hippo? Maybe because of it's fat look? Hah, what ever the ...
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