Emergency Vehicles



Did You know that this SU-76 here was one of the most commonly used armour vehicles in th...
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Wow. This tank looks fun! It's definitely faster than any bigger tank of this type. I wond...
 Block count: 257
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Shipovnik M1

Well, here we have another great vehicle You might need in the military .. who am I kiddin...
 Block count: 371
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SAU S-51

Well, what do we have here? The barrel gun this tank here has is pretty impressive and I b...
 Block count: 234
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Narcis T2

Military vehicles from Soviet collection don't necessarily need to mean tanks. A machine l...
 Block count: 676
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MLRS Pinocchio

A multiple rocket launcher ... yeah it looks really cool. I feel like a superhero would us...
 Block count: 199
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Tanks never get out of style. They've got this something special in them that keeps people...
 Block count: 349
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A heavy assault gun ISU-152 is here people! Check out how cool and dangerous it looks. Did...
 Block count: 224
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Soviet Heavy Flamethrower System

Heavy flamethrower people! This is some scary stuff we have here, don't You think so? I me...
 Block count: 397
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T-34 ZRK

Not so recognizable as some other tanks I would say. It does look like a tank somehow but ...
 Block count: 172
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Now this here is a serious vehicle to have. First of all it is Russian military one, so it...
 Block count: 146
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T-10 ver.2

I can proudly say that this vehicle here is far by the most detailed one I have seen so fa...
 Block count: 167
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SAO Soviet 2S7M

This vehicle here looks a little bit scary, don't You think so? It is rather detailed and ...
 Block count: 338
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Military Niva

How cute is that name, huh? It is perfect for a Military car like this here. Anyway the ca...
 Block count: 74
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Welcome! Here You may see a tank from the second world war that was used by the Russians. ...
 Block count: 531
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Umm, what's that? A vehicle? Hah, pretty confusing at first, isn't it! It's actually a 8x8...
 Block count: 130
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