Emergency Vehicles



Details are what catch Your attention at first. The author of this build has obviously tri...
 Block count: 388
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Hah, this cannon looks like Pinocchio's nose when he's told a big lie. I wonder if this ta...
 Block count: 293
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A Soviet heavy tank, if You wish. So, this tank here ... it was rather famous in the 1940 ...
 Block count: 180
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A perfect BT-1 ... yeah, it looks pretty perfect actually. The colors there are really goo...
 Block count: 104
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Watch out, guys! This thing has absolutely no chill! Like ZERO! This heavy tank has gone t...
 Block count: 246
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You can never have enough of Russian military vehicles. There're just so many awesome mode...
 Block count: 263
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ZRK Tunguska M1

Now this here is a vehicle every military needs, a ZRK Tunguska M1! Just look how many dif...
 Block count: 294
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ZRK S-500

Here we go again with the missile systems! But this one here is a little bit of different,...
 Block count: 825
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ZRK S-400

If You want to see this vehicle here in real world then You might want to join the parade ...
 Block count: 1049
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So, this here is a serious and strong missile system. Do You have any idea how many differ...
 Block count: 455
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Topol M

You've got to see this! That's craazzzyyyy! This thing called "Topol M" is one of the most...
 Block count: 1596
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Tank Grotte

Did You know that this vehicle only made it to the prototype stage? Guess that all the fie...
 Block count: 585
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That looks savage! Like really. Who on earth did come up with a design like that!? The fac...
 Block count: 333
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I want to introduce You a wonderful Soviet Amphibious Tank from 1933. Isn't it awesome? Yo...
 Block count: 208
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T-10 57

When I was looking for some information about Russian military vehicles then it came out t...
 Block count: 179
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T-10 30

A heavy tank from the cold war is here everybody! Well, how does it look? I think it is pr...
 Block count: 176
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