Emergency Vehicles


Dodge WC-52

What do You think of Dodges? To be honest they were not the best vehicles in World war II ...
 Block count: 113
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Dodge WC-51 (with Top)

There are so many different vehicles out there but right now I really like exactly this on...
 Block count: 166
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Dodge WC-51

That's something You might've seen in history movies. Cool, huh? The origin of Dodge WC-51...
 Block count: 106
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Half-Track M3 (with Top and Machine Gun)

Now this is a really strong half-track we've got here! Doesn't it look amazing? I seriousl...
 Block count: 262
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Jeep Willys MB with Machine Gun

We have some really interesting vehicles here ... like this here! It is so detailed and in...
 Block count: 75
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Jeep Willys MB (Windshield Down)

Woop-woop, adventures are ahead and You are driving towards them. In this brand new Jeep w...
 Block count: 71
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Jeep Willys MB

What do You think of world war II vehicles? To be honest this here is one of them and it s...
 Block count: 63
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Half-Track M3

Did You know that this vehicle here was used in world war II? We could even say it was one...
 Block count: 258
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Police Mobile Command Truck 2

Now this here is seriously big command truck, i mean You can fit a lot of people in there,...
 Block count: 294
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Police Bomb Disposal Unit Truck 2

I'll give You a little term here - bomb disposal is a process when hazardous explosive dev...
 Block count: 155
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Police Bomb Disposal Unit Truck

Can You imagine working in a bomb unit? To be honest I am way too coward for that, my life...
 Block count: 155
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Emergency Fire Truck 6

Now this vehicle here is seriously important. I mean better safe than sorry, right? But le...
 Block count: 164
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Police Rescue Truck

Police vehicles family has so many exciting members in it. They have transporters, patrol ...
 Block count: 140
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Tiller Truck

This is really interesting, there is so much to learn about this Tiller truck here. It has...
 Block count: 291
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Heavy Rescue Vehicle

Hoped to see a red truck? Nope, blue it is. This heavy rescue truck is equipped with all t...
 Block count: 183
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Police Supply Unit Truck

Wooo, watch out pupil, police truck is coming! Actually I'm not very sure if this truck is...
 Block count: 105
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