Emergency Vehicles



Funfact! The BT-7 was the last of the BT series of Soviet calvary tanks that were produced...
 Block count: 226
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What is a BMP-3 You might think. It's a Soviet amphibious infantry fighting vehicle. And i...
 Block count: 107
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Well this one right here is a real tank, dear fellows. So what's so special about it? Come...
 Block count: 651
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T-34 RPL

This one's a sick vehicle. Did You know that Russian army used T-34 until 1960s? Well, now...
 Block count: 181
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T-34 for Repair

Yeap, this thing has seen some rough days in it's past. And it obviously needs to be repai...
 Block count: 162
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T-19 RL

Hey there, collector! Here's one awesome T-19 tank to feed Your calm Your huger for milita...
 Block count: 122
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Here's something for a true history fan. Soviet and Russian military vehicles are so worth...
 Block count: 103
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Now this here is one interesting vehicle. Can You see how smooth it looks? I mean the army...
 Block count: 157
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Sherman T34 Calliope

Woah, this vehicle here is a rocket launcher and a tank? It is pretty impressive, don't Yo...
 Block count: 491
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Sherman M4 Crocodile

Yeah, it's big, scary, green and attacks when it's the right time. Just like a crocodile....
 Block count: 374
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Jeep Willys MB with Trailer

Another amazing minecraft model from hadrienoss's building pack. This time it's a Jeep Wil...
 Block count: 162
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Jeep Willys MB (with Top)

Good thing that Grabcraft offers You so many different versions of Willys trucks. Want an ...
 Block count: 109
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Half-Track M3 (with Machine Gun)

I am totally in love with these military half-tracks, just look how awesome it looks. The ...
 Block count: 245
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Half-Track M16 (Multiple Gun Motor Carriage)

This half-track here is some serious stuff. I mean just look at it, there are so many deta...
 Block count: 248
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Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

Pure relic. That's what this model is. This ambulance is an absolutely ideal representatio...
 Block count: 184
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Dodge WC-53

So this here is a light military truck. To be honest I thought it is medium, or something ...
 Block count: 185
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