Military Buildings


Medieval Midsize Watchtower

I was just about to say that every town doesn't need a huge watchtower, a small one is per...
 Block count: 2506
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Medieval Wall with Towers

What would be cooler than a wall like this protecting Your Medieval town? Isn't it so deta...
 Block count: 1963
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Feudal Japan Clan Headquarter 4

This house is like straight from Japan streets! Of course the roof makes it clear. But thi...
 Block count: 9833
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Feudal Japan Clan Headquarter 3

This headquarter here is some serious stuff, I can already imagine few guards in front of ...
 Block count: 5513
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Feudal Japan Clan Headquarter 2

The biggest house actually looks like a ship! In this Feudal Japan Clan Headquarter You ca...
 Block count: 7272
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Feudal Japan Clan Headquarter

Can You imagine living in a clan? I feel like it would be really fun, don't You think so? ...
 Block count: 3687
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Medieval Army Archery Range

If You have ever been to an Archery range then You know that nothing is cooler than spendi...
 Block count: 2109
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Fantasy Guard Tower

This guard tower is seriously cool, You can tell, it is a fantasy building, right? I mean ...
 Block count: 1116
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Medieval Cavalry Stable

You love animals? You want to own many of them? Cows, horses or cute little piggies? All a...
 Block count: 1548
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Odd Medieval Barracks

Well, this building looks huge and awesome! And how much space You have inside! I think Yo...
 Block count: 8217
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Odd Medieval Guardtower

This Odd Medieval Guardtower looks like a gingerbread man, don't You think? Whatever You s...
 Block count: 1316
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Feudal Age Archery Range

This place looks very cool and historical! You can have Your own mini-tower, little house ...
 Block count: 853
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Odd Medieval Watchtower

If You need a place to look over Your land, a point up high where Your eyes see further th...
 Block count: 916
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Medieval Guard House

How about building a big Guard house into Your Minecraft? A safe house where to go when ne...
 Block count: 2318
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Reinforced Guard Tower w Roof

Good that someone has finally thought about the guardian's wellness. When at it's job in t...
 Block count: 351
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Reinforced Guard Tower

Let's talk about saftey, how safe is Your town right now? Or, if You are like me and You j...
 Block count: 286
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