Military Buildings


Medieval Fighters Guild

Sometimes I wish that I'd live in the Medieval times, just look how cool the buildings wer...
 Block count: 2916
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Bow Shooting Range

Bow shooting can be both- a fun game to play with Your friends or a serious job while tryi...
 Block count: 963
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Medieval Infantry Barracks

Who else will take care of Your soldiers if not You... Therefore I recommend to seriously ...
 Block count: 3613
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Middle Ages Lookout Tower

I have seen so many different lookout towers in my life but this one here seems to be the ...
 Block count: 1436
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Middle Ages City Wall

City wall has a really though mission. It has to protect the whoooole city! And if You don...
 Block count: 561
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Magic Nordic Barracks

Let's do this. Let's build a decent nordic barrack to challenge our skills and push oursel...
 Block count: 5922
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Dark Age Outpost

Do You have a military in Minecraft? Because if You do and You don't have a outpost there ...
 Block count: 100
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Detailed Medieval Watchtower 2

If You need a Watchtower then how about this one here? This building is so detailed and th...
 Block count: 445
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Feudal Age Watchtower

Fan of medieval style buildings? Here's something to consider as well! A watchtower from t...
 Block count: 400
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Feudal Age Barracks

Once You've decided to try some builds from bar5098's collection, there's no going back. H...
 Block count: 1170
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Detailed Medieval Watchtower 3

This watchtower is even called detailed, so it has to be really detailed, right? It is so ...
 Block count: 571
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Detailed Medieval Watchtower 4

The choice is Yours to make. You can choose between a detailed watchtower and another deta...
 Block count: 960
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Detailed Medieval Watchtower 1

The idea of a watchtower is just great- the guard can easily observe the area from it. Thi...
 Block count: 1111
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Dark Age Barracks

That's truly an interesting piece. Inspiration for this build has come from Age of Empire ...
 Block count: 704
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C&C Generals GLA Arms Dealer

Well, this is something I never thought I'd see in here, but well here is an Arms Dealer f...
 Block count: 8228
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World of Warcraft Orc Watchtower

What is Your relationship with Watchtowers? Though I am afraid of heights I still love the...
 Block count: 279
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