Military Buildings


C&C Generals Command Center

I think command center is one of the most important places in the military, don't You thin...
 Block count: 8205
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C&C Generals Barracks

This barrack here is huge, I wonder how many people can it fit - maybe fifty, hundred? Any...
 Block count: 4148
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C&C Generals Supply Center

You'll get a whole package. Everything You need is right here! This supply center is perfe...
 Block count: 5898
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C&C Generals Strategy Center

10 points to CNCminecraft for such an awesome build! Actually the whole bundle of his buil...
 Block count: 39637
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C&C Generals Particle Cannon

WOW. Just WOW. That's something super extraordinary. I'm dead serious. A particle cannon i...
 Block count: 26452
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C&C Generals Air Field

CNCminecraft is a genius. Literally. The whole C&C Generals bundle is just amazing! And th...
 Block count: 21078
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Rustic Town Watchtower

Watchtowers, I love them cause You can climb up the stairs and after some intense workout ...
 Block count: 1697
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Roman Infantry Training Area

If You want to become strong and powerful then isn't infantry training area just the perfe...
 Block count: 161
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Roman City Walls

Familiar with Medieval style walls? Forget about them and better see how the city walls ar...
 Block count: 280
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Roman Barracks

Roman soldiers need to sleep somewhere. And YOU are responsible for that. Soooo maybe fanc...
 Block count: 823
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Roman Archery Training Area

Have You ever been to a archery training area? Isn't it just the perfect sport, there is n...
 Block count: 257
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Roman Watch Tower

Keep Your eye on the community in Roman style! This new Minecraft model has arrived just a...
 Block count: 973
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Jungle Archery Range

If You going to live in a jungle, You need to protect Yourself from wild animals and all k...
 Block count: 752
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Military Air Defense System

You've got all the air defense equipment ready but You're missing the system to control wh...
 Block count: 373
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Random Military Stuff

The thing with random military stuff always is that You may NEVER know when or where or wh...
 Block count: 311
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Military Base Tower with Wall

What could this tower be used for? One option is to use it as a guardian tower to keep an ...
 Block count: 652
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