Military Buildings


Medieval Wall Gate with Guard Tower

Now this wall gate here is a huge one, there is so much free room inside You could even li...
 Block count: 6166
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Medieval Wall Corner with Watchtower 2

This building is massive! For enemies it would be hard to ruin You! You have Your tower to...
 Block count: 3141
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Medieval Wall Corner with Guard Tower 4

Well, now this wall corner here is ... well more like a guard tower really but I like that...
 Block count: 3865
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Medieval Wall Corner 2

Wall corners are pretty cool, thanks to these little buildings here You can make Your wall...
 Block count: 1453
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Medieval Fort Gate

It is kind of obvious that when building a wall You also need a strong gate, right? I mean...
 Block count: 5009
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Detailed Medieval Barracks and Dungeon

I don't know why but I love how dungeon is spelled. It is such a pretty word, ironic reall...
 Block count: 6846
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Medieval Wall Outpost

You need so much stuff for a wall, a watchtower, corners, wall itself, outposts ... it is ...
 Block count: 2330
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Medieval Wall Gate with Tall Watchtower

Okay, creepy wall gate ahead!! There are heads on sticks up there, people who have tried g...
 Block count: 6038
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Medieval Wall Gate with Tall Guard Tower

If You have annoying neighbors, then this Medieval Wall Gate with Tall Guard Tower is good...
 Block count: 6658
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Medieval Wall Corner

Building a wall is so time consuming really. I mean the perfect wall needs to be strong, b...
 Block count: 1180
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Medieval Tall Watchtower

How nice would be a view from top of this tower?! I'm sure very cool. Of course if Your su...
 Block count: 2931
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Medieval Tall Guard Tower

I love guard towers for three reasons - they are tall so a great view, they are detailed a...
 Block count: 3550
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Medieval Tall Castle Wall

I have never seen a castle wall like this! It is so detailed, colorful and unique. If I we...
 Block count: 3233
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Medieval Small Watchtower

I wonder how many watchtowers You need for a big town or castle ... one is not enought, ri...
 Block count: 2082
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Medieval Small Guard Tower

Small guard towers for small towns, right? This tower here is pretty unique, I mean when Y...
 Block count: 2681
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Medieval Short Castle Wall

Nobody can come through this castle wall! Best way to protect Your belongings is to surrou...
 Block count: 2818
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