Military Buildings


Military Base Building 1

If You are going to have a Military then You seriously need a base building, cause You mig...
 Block count: 5020
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Military Radar 2

Well, this radar here is pretty detailed am I right? I love that it is so big, so I bet it...
 Block count: 540
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Military Radar 1

Now this here is a high tech radar, just look how big and fancy it looks, plus it looks li...
 Block count: 583
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Military Plane Parking Spot

Do You know what's the problem with planes? You need a huge parking spot for them, I mean ...
 Block count: 459
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Modern Military Watchtower

Well ... this watchtower here is really unique, I have never seen one quite like this befo...
 Block count: 953
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Military Landing Strip

Do You already have a perfect landing strip? To be honest I think military landing strips ...
 Block count: 1110
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Military Helipad

Now this helipad here is kind of fancy, what do You think? I love that it looks like a med...
 Block count: 946
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Quirky Medieval Watchtower

Watchtowers are so important, am I right? What if someone You hate tries to get into Your ...
 Block count: 1077
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Medieval City Watchtower 2

I just realized that if I'm going back in time I'm going to work in a watchtower, cause it...
 Block count: 1182
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Medieval City Keep

Well ... I'm not sure if I have seen such a huge house before, but a good city keep must b...
 Block count: 6293
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Medieval City Watchtower 1

Are all the horses in stables? Or all women at home baking fresh apple pies? You don't kno...
 Block count: 2103
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Medieval City Gates

I love city gates, they are the first and the last thing You see and they also protect the...
 Block count: 1786
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Empty Military Hangar

Nice and easy build but super essential when You want to keep Your valuable vehicles safe....
 Block count: 4340
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Modern Archery Range

For those who haven't been to a real military base, don't necessarily need to know that th...
 Block count: 710
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Small Military HQ

In the middle of Your military base construction? Make sure You definitely have a headquar...
 Block count: 2151
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Simple Medieval Watchtower

I love watchtowers, it is just so peaceful to climb up and just stare down there, especial...
 Block count: 186
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