Military Buildings


Military Base Fence Wall

You may have the most awesome military base ever built but if You don't have a fence prote...
 Block count: 36
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Military Base Building 2

Time to add some spice to Your serious military collection. Here's one fun building to try...
 Block count: 3005
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Military Barracks

What could be a better place for a soldier to take a rest after a long day than a nice and...
 Block count: 936
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Random Military Stuff 2

Random military stuff truly is random BUT maybe You'll find it necessary one day. This mod...
 Block count: 51
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Military Security Building

Thought Your military base is secure enough yet? Think again. Until You don't have a prope...
 Block count: 1138
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Military Fuel Tank

Running out of fuel but there's no fuel tank to use for tanking? I know the struggle. But ...
 Block count: 356
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Military Base Wall

Every military base needs a protective wall to surround the area. If You're lacking ideas ...
 Block count: 237
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Military Base Tower

Military base buildings are so important, especially the base towers, am I right? If You a...
 Block count: 458
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Military Base Entry

Every military base starts with an entrance. Now it's Your turn to make a proper entry to ...
 Block count: 183
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Military Base Big Tower

Here's a big tower to hide all the deepest secrets of Your unbeatable military base. Sound...
 Block count: 1207
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Flag Post

It's time to give Your military base a final update. What do You think about adding a nice...
 Block count: 137
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Military Storage Building

All the guns and explosives should be kept safe, right? The truth is that otherwise Your p...
 Block count: 800
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Military Shooting Range

Have You ever been to a shooting range? If haven't then You should try it, cause it is pre...
 Block count: 1605
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Military Hangar

Work, work, work... on that military base, buddy! Next object: Military Hangar. But what f...
 Block count: 2243
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Military Bunker

Gotta hide from the enemies but You've got no place to go? Baaah, man, You'll get killed l...
 Block count: 225
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Military Base Building 3

Now this is some fancy base building to military, don't You think so? I'd love to live in ...
 Block count: 2737
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