Military Buildings


Woundworts Burrough Gate

I can't say that this is the gate for You when You want to have a safe wall that resists e...
 Block count: 570
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Red Gate

Thanks to esmirff we can bring a bunch of the coolest gates to You! This particular model ...
 Block count: 3440
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Mongol Horde Tri Gate

Everything I see today is interesting, for example this tri gate is amazing. There are so ...
 Block count: 1623
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Empress Theodoras Gate

Empress Theodora was one of the most influential and powerful of the Byzantine empresses. ...
 Block count: 810
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Dragon Wood Gate

Okay, this is really interesting gate here, what do You think of that? The brown colors ar...
 Block count: 557
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Desert Village Wall Gate

You may have the wall but it doesn't mean anything without a proper wall gate. Here's a pe...
 Block count: 238
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Desert Village Wall

It's always so exciting to work on a new project. You can basically go nights without gett...
 Block count: 64
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Desert Village Corner Wall

Don't forget the corner wall piece! That's super essential to complete Your desert wall an...
 Block count: 98
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Medieval World Town Gate

Town gate reflects what is really going on inside the town. If Your medieval town is full ...
 Block count: 1381
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Medieval World Guard Tower 2

Guard towers are amazing if You don't feel very safe in Your town or just need to keep an ...
 Block count: 649
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Medieval World Guard Tower

Fine guard needs a fine guard tower. And knowing that You should pick the best possible gu...
 Block count: 659
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Medieval World City Wall

Got all the cool medieval house models. Got the city gate, too. Now it's time for a decent...
 Block count: 341
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Medieval Colonial Watch Tower

Don't just go with a random watch tower. If You're building a medieval colonial town then ...
 Block count: 864
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Medieval Colonial Guard Tower

Well that is truly a majestic guard tower, ladies and gentleman. I guess the king himself ...
 Block count: 1306
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Windmill Waterpump Irrigation System

For a big farm You need a big Irrigation system, right? To be honest this is the biggest s...
 Block count: 1786
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Medieval Simple Watchtower

There is a blue fancy flag up there! Yeah the first thing I saw was the flag. But anyway t...
 Block count: 752
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