Military Buildings


C&C Generals GLA Barracks

I don't know why but I have always thought military barracks are, well uncomfortable but l...
 Block count: 4124
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Medieval Nordic Unfurnished Officer Home

So this is what officer homes look like, pretty fancy don't You think so? I love how it lo...
 Block count: 1342
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Medieval Community Guard Post

Someone's coming? Oh, there're a bunch of bad guys trying to break in the town? Gosh, man,...
 Block count: 366
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Elven Town Barracks

You know sometimes elves also want to take a rest like medieval soldiers. But they still w...
 Block count: 1726
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Medieval Fantasy Guard Tower

Have You ever thought how important guard towers were in the medieval times? It was the on...
 Block count: 1193
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Medieval Fantasy Fort

This is some fancy fort we got here, I can even see a red carpet. To be honest this buildi...
 Block count: 4905
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C&C Generals GLA Scud Storm

That's some crazy stuff going on here. But what can You do when some minecrafters are just...
 Block count: 10553
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Nordic Town Watchtower

Nordic town needs to be protected as well. I mean, maybe in 5 minutes some zombies will th...
 Block count: 487
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Nordic Town Barracks

Another must have build in Your nordic town. This time it's a barrack where all the most h...
 Block count: 1295
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Elven Watchtower

Do You have anything to watch over? Because if You do then I believe You need a watchtower...
 Block count: 727
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C&C Generals Firebase

A firebase like that is just waaay too cool to be missed. It's a massive model but so simp...
 Block count: 878
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C&C Generals War Factory

Let me introduce You to a war factory, a beautiful and big factory for the Military. Check...
 Block count: 13849
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C&C Generals Powerplant

This here is a powerplant, I mean You do need one am I right? Or else You'd sit in the dar...
 Block count: 2462
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C&C Generals GLA Command Center

This is the coolest command center I have ever seen. The design is amazing - I love the ye...
 Block count: 8591
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C&C Generals GLA Black Market

I did not know there is a market in the Military, but well ... I'm smarter now. Tbh this G...
 Block count: 3756
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C&C Generals Detention Camp

Now this is one place I would not want to go, but at the second thought, it would be prett...
 Block count: 8553
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