Military Buildings


Medieval Fortified Watchtower

I seriously love watchtowers, I mean just look at that building. It is so tall and the vie...
 Block count: 413
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Arabic Desert Archery Range

Archery range in the desert, how cool is that? I just hope it isn't too hot in there or it...
 Block count: 1185
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Arabic Desert Barracks

Is it just me or do Arabic desert style barracks really look 10 times better than medieval...
 Block count: 1705
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Medieval Battle Tower

Medieval builds are incredible. They stand out in a way and always add something new to th...
 Block count: 2151
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Medieval Battlement

You better hide in a battlement if some bad guys are about to attack Your village! This me...
 Block count: 398
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Medieval Battle Tower 2

WOW! That's one fierce tower! It looks so solid and steady that nothing could destroy it. ...
 Block count: 5611
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High Elven Watchtower

If You are looking for some fancy watchtowers then yes, You have reached Your destination,...
 Block count: 1207
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High Elven Wall

Those fabulous high elven houses don't really do much if You've got nothing surrounding th...
 Block count: 272
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High Elven Barracks

This is literally like looking at a cartoon ... Have I been teleported to a cartoon of som...
 Block count: 7446
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High Elven City Gate

High elven theme is something so out of this world. Way beyond our imagination. It's fanta...
 Block count: 3506
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Village Archery Range

Have You ever been to an archery range? It is pretty awesome in there, just be happy, have...
 Block count: 527
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Viking Tower

Viking style village requires Viking style tower. Here's one legit build! Fits the theme, ...
 Block count: 133
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Orc Watchtower

If You're looking for a one of a kind watchtower then this is it. You've hit the ultimate ...
 Block count: 571
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Fantasy World Tower

That's right. There's really nothing spectacular or extraordinary about this build but hey...
 Block count: 415
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The Black Fletchers Gate

Interesting ... this gate looks like a house to live in, agree? I mean there are some room...
 Block count: 2594
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Royal Gatehouse

That isn't a boring wall with a hole. Nope. It's a royal gatehouse in it's whole glory! It...
 Block count: 1520
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