Mongol Horde Tri Gate

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Author: esmirff
Block count: 1623
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Everything I see today is interesting, for example this tri gate is amazing. There are so many details and those warm brown colors plus did You see how many beds there are? I bet it would be really interesting to sleep in there and I can even see chests there for Your belongings. It is actually pretty good idea, to sleep inside the gate where You need to work, don't You think so? Anyway if You want to build it then blueprints are below, so just have fun!
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Blocks you'll need:

Nether Brick 353
Nether Brick Fence 322
Oak Wood Plank 256
Nether Brick Stairs 242
Oak Wood 169
Torch 73
Oak Wood Stairs 57
Ladder 33
Bed 22
Iron Bars 18
Spruce Wood 16
Iron Door 14
Wooden Slab 8
Stone Button 7
Wooden Pressure Plate 7
Chest 6
Oak Door 6
Stone Pressure Plate 3
Lever 3
Crafting Table 3
Wooden Trapdoor 3
Grass 1
Cauldron 1
View Other Materials 48
Skill level 2
Object added 06 Nov 2016
Width 21
Height 11
Depth 25
Tags gate, medieval gate, castle gate, castle wall gate
Block Count 1623
Object materials
Nether Brick 353
Nether Brick Fence 322
Oak Wood Plank 256
Oak Wood 169
Torch (Facing Up) 73
Nether Brick Stairs (West, Normal) 71
Nether Brick Stairs (East, Normal) 70
Nether Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 56
Nether Brick Stairs (North, Normal) 45
Iron Bars 18
Oak Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 18
Ladder (facing west) 17
Oak Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 17
Ladder (facing east) 16
Spruce Wood 16
Oak Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 11
Oak Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 11
Wooden Slab 8
Wooden Pressure Plate (Unactive) 7
Bed (North, Empty, Head of the bed) 4
Bed (North, Empty, Foot of the bed) 4
Iron Door (Lower, Facing North, Closed) 3
Iron Door (Upper, Hinge Right, Unpowered) 3
Lever (On Block Side Facing South, Not Active) 3
Bed (South, Empty, Foot of the bed) 3
Chest (West) 3
Stone Pressure Plate (Unactive) 3
Bed (South, Empty, Head of the bed) 3
Stone Button (Facing North, Inactive) 3
Crafting Table 3
Stone Button (Facing South, Inactive) 2
Bed (West, Empty, Foot of the bed) 2
Oak Door (Facing East, Closed, Lower) 2
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Powered, Upper) 2
Bed (West, Empty, Head of the bed) 2
Wooden Trapdoor (South from block, Closed, Bottom half) 2
Chest (East) 2
Iron Door (Lower, Facing South, Closed) 2
Iron Door (Upper, Hinge Right, Powered) 2
Bed (East, Empty, Head of the bed) 2
Bed (East, Empty, Foot of the bed) 2
Iron Door (Upper, Hinge Left, Powered) 1
Grass 1
Oak Door (Hinge Left, Unpowered, Upper 1
Chest (North) 1
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 1
Oak Door (Facing West, Closed, Lower) 1
Iron Door (Upper, Hinge Left, Unpowered) 1
Cauldron (Empty) 1
Wooden Trapdoor (South from block, Open, Bottom half) 1
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 1
Iron Door (Lower, Facing West, Closed) 1
Iron Door (Lower, Facing East, Closed) 1
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