Military Buildings


Small Guard Tower

Good morning world! Wouldn't it be nice to say it on the roof of this small tower here? To...
 Block count: 584
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Old Town Guard Tower

Well this guard tower looks pretty strong and beautiful actually. There is even enough roo...
 Block count: 1280
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Medieval Borough Watchtower

This is one tall watchtower, I have always loved tall towers. Can You imagine the view fro...
 Block count: 564
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Medieval Borough Wall

Protect that awesomeness! You never know when zombies or other bad creatures decide to vis...
 Block count: 136
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Medieval Fantasy Siege Camp

Welcome, buddy! Good to see You in the best possible place to be! Here's a medieval fantas...
 Block count: 10629
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Medieval Fantasy Guild Hall

So this here is known as a meeting place for guilds and other corporations, yeah? If my me...
 Block count: 25265
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Fantasy Dwarven Armory

Yesss, even dwarfs have a special place where they keep all their guns and weapons. This f...
 Block count: 1017
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Medieval Guards Headquarter

I feel like those squared colorful floors are a thing, right? Well in this house it looks ...
 Block count: 1791
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Medieval Archers Barracks

That's some next level stuff right here. If You feel like it's time to push the boundaries...
 Block count: 6856
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Fantasy Dwarven Watchtower

Holy macaroni! Who on Earth would've thought that a watchtower could look something like t...
 Block count: 970
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Small Medieval Guard Tower

How much is too much guard towers in Your town? I think there is no such thing because I l...
 Block count: 536
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Medieval Detailed Wall Corner Segment 2

So You are in the middle of building a Medieval detailed wall or are You keeping an ear to...
 Block count: 290
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Medieval Detailed Gate

WOW, that gate is GRAND! This kind of design could make everyone feel special and welcomed...
 Block count: 284
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Medieval Army Base

Hold Your horses, buddy! That model is out of this world! I'm simply loving the concept of...
 Block count: 10767
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Medieval Detailed Wall Corner Segment

Want to skip sharp wall corners this time? Yeah, it can get pretty hectic when figuring ou...
 Block count: 667
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Medieval Detailed Wall with Watchtower

A wall with a watchtower - convenient, practical and important too. The first thing that I...
 Block count: 749
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