Military Buildings


Small Medieval Gate

This gate here is looking rather homey, don't You think so? I sure do love the design of i...
 Block count: 891
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Medieval Villagers Guard Tower

If I have to work in the Medieval times, I would love to work in a tower, a guard tower th...
 Block count: 277
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Medieval Castle Courtyard

Can You imagine what would it be like to own a real courtyard? I mean once You build it ,i...
 Block count: 1707
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Dystopian Tank Factory

Now this here a factory where tanks are made? It looks really awesome, don't You think so?...
 Block count: 5329
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Dystopian Small Rebel Base

How many military bases is good to own? I mean if You have a lot of people then You need a...
 Block count: 392
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Dystopian Large Rebel Base

Woah, now this base here is strong, big and well ... secured, right? To be honest if this ...
 Block count: 2018
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Fantasy Village Watchtower

Oh boy, that must be the most awesome watchtower ever made! Actually, it's more like a sig...
 Block count: 1535
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Cruise Missiles Platform

To be honest I have never seen cruise missiles with my own eyes before, I am a little bit ...
 Block count: 230
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Battlefield Barracks

Woah, I didn't even see that barrack here - the green colors are a really good idea. Can Y...
 Block count: 361
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Military Modern Watchtower

Well this watchtower here is what I call a modern one. Can You see what it is made of inst...
 Block count: 155
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Military First Aid Tent

Well this place here is seriously important, right? I mean isn't it wonderful to be prepar...
 Block count: 90
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Battlefield Medic Tent

Do You know one thing that is a must have in the battelfield, except for the cars and weap...
 Block count: 48
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Sky Barracks

Remember how Ed Sheeran sang: "I'm in love with the shape of You...". Well the shape of th...
 Block count: 2804
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Town Tower Gate

If You have a huge wall in Your Minecraft then I am pretty sure it needs a gate too, right...
 Block count: 1482
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Old Town Tower Gate

From a certain angle it looks like an enormous skyscraper... Yeah, it is bigger and wider ...
 Block count: 2387
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Stone Guard Post

Is it fun to be a guard? I bet it has its own good parts, like being able to walk around, ...
 Block count: 253
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