Military Buildings


Medieval Kingdom Armoury

This is quite awesome actually, an armoury shaped like a box ... but as a strong and durab...
 Block count: 924
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Medieval Kingdom Archers Guild

Archers guild is so different from other buildings ... It is so interesting actually. I ju...
 Block count: 5008
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Medieval Fortified Barracks with Prison

Now this here is an amazing building. Building only one can absolutely make Your town into...
 Block count: 7588
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Medieval Detailed Wall Segment

If You can't really decide whether You'd like to have a stone wall or a wooden wall then c...
 Block count: 140
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Medieval Barracks Detailed

This house reminds me of a castle, like a low key small castle. Anyway, these barracks her...
 Block count: 1181
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Detailed Medieval Gatehouse

Can You see this gatehouse? It is so beautiful, detailed and big. I just hope it is really...
 Block count: 3780
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Medieval Kingdom Large Gate

Okay, gates are important if You have a wall protecting Your grounds, right? This is the o...
 Block count: 10911
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Medieval Detailed Watchtower

I am in love with watchtowers because of many reasons actually. First of all the view from...
 Block count: 2455
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Feudal Japanese Wall

Oh this is cool. I stared at this wall for good ten seconds before realising it is actual...
 Block count: 106
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Medieval Wooden Tower

How about building a huge wooden tower? This tower here is seriously big and so detailed t...
 Block count: 2129
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Oakshire Diagonal Wall

Why get a straight wall if You could build a diagonal wall? An oakshire diagonal wall like...
 Block count: 565
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Oakshire Wall Tower

Wall tower at its best is here. It looks really strong tho, I mean it is made with grey st...
 Block count: 737
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Oakshire Straight Wall

A great wall is what makes the town greater than ever. This Oakshire straight wall could m...
 Block count: 579
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Medieval Fortified Barracks

These barracks here are pretty cool, don't You think so? They really do look comfy to live...
 Block count: 3040
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Medieval Archery Range

Is it weird to say that I am a little bit afraid of archery ranges? I mean who makes sure ...
 Block count: 1715
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Medieval Tower Barracks

That's so cool, You've got to see this! It's just funny how this tower may look like a reg...
 Block count: 834
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