Victorian House

This is the house I love, just look at it. It's been long since I saw a house like that. T...
 Block count: 3355
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Stone Lodge / Barrack

It's always nice to minecraft something that doesn't look ordinary or what You could norma...
 Block count: 834
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Medieval Windmill

That model will definitely enrich the diversity of Your medieval town! Looks like a weird ...
 Block count: 853
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Medieval City Tower 2

Now this medieval city tower is huge, don't You just feel safe even looking at it? I love ...
 Block count: 13553
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Dwarf Style Tower

This dwarf style tower is so cute. Look at the lonely flower next the the tower, it looks ...
 Block count: 641
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Orc Style Leaders Hut

Ok, I got to say that this hut here looks like some kind of castle. Well this is the orc s...
 Block count: 2757
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Medieval Rustic House

Look at the chimney of this medieval house, it is huge. I mean it has room for two Santas ...
 Block count: 1037
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Medieval Gatehouse 2

Now this is what I call a gatehouse, look how beautiful it looks. The green-orange flags ...
 Block count: 1825
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Medieval Food Outlet

You all know that I love food, right? And this food outlet really catches my attention .....
 Block count: 373
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Wooden Hut 2

If You are a fan of wooden huts then check out this one here. I am 90% sure that if You bu...
 Block count: 230
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Wooden Hut

A little hut never hurt nobody- said no minecrafter ever. Hah, actually it's a nice build ...
 Block count: 278
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Small Medieval Manor House

Now this house here is looking cozy and warm. It even has more than one floor and the inte...
 Block count: 934
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Medieval Town Centre

Now it's time to show how adventurous You really are because that model is a though nut to...
 Block count: 3261
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Medieval Hut

They always say that go big or go home... But maybe You like going home? This time it's al...
 Block count: 267
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Medieval Government Building

What's a medieval town without a government? Well, not the best functioning town I think. ...
 Block count: 5169
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Medieval City Tower and Keep

That's massssive but freaking awesome! This time I'm challenging You with a medieval city ...
 Block count: 35092
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