Medieval Library

Well, this library here is a little bit fancy one. The columns are looking amazing and ...
 Block count: 506
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Low Class Medieval House 4

To be honest I thought that low class medieval houses looked like ... well not that good l...
 Block count: 269
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Low Class Medieval House 3

Small, compact, cute yet somehow... restraining? On those 2 floors seemingly there's every...
 Block count: 316
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Low Class Medieval House 2

If You're looking for a house that'll shine bright like a diamond then click 'back' and se...
 Block count: 193
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Underwater Survival House

Surely You've tried to build a house where to survive at the worst days but the best way t...
 Block count: 2112
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Suburban House 5

A majestic house in light colors with a gorgeous backyard- not the most common phenomenon ...
 Block count: 7224
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Quartz House 4

I have never seen a house like this before and it looks amazing. Like a snail trail? I lov...
 Block count: 1659
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Small Medieval House 6

What could be a better place to hide Yourself from the winter cold then a warm and peacefu...
 Block count: 415
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Small Medieval House 4

It's time to add some coziness to Your medieval town! This small medieval house works perf...
 Block count: 609
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Medieval Shop 2

If You're missing a shop or You're looking for some great blueprints for Your Minecraft Me...
 Block count: 392
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Medieval Middle Class House 2

Not bad for a middle class house! You'll have everything You need on the first floor to do...
 Block count: 557
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Medieval Laundry House

Building a medieval town includes making a tavern, bakery, shops, a pub, wells and many ot...
 Block count: 614
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Medieval House 3

I think that this Medieval house is absolutely amazing, it looks so beautiful. The shape o...
 Block count: 916
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Medieval Canteen 2

I wish my canteen were so cool looking when I was in a camp. I mean You can even read in t...
 Block count: 737
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Medieval Assembly Hall

Sooo... Christmas is coming soon and what else do You need for Christmas parties then asse...
 Block count: 1199
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Small Old Library

Are You ready for a mysterious masterpiece? This small medieval library is truly ancient a...
 Block count: 984
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