Medieval Canteen 3

It's not a restaurant or any sweet little cafe, but an usual medieval canteen that was ine...
 Block count: 2930
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Medieval Candle Store

isn't this a great idea to earn some money? Make candles and try to sell them in this medi...
 Block count: 266
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Medieval Armour Storage Building

At first You can't really guess what this house's for... Is it for living? Is that a fanci...
 Block count: 9490
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Simple Medieval House 1

Does simple equal boring? I don't think so. And in my opinion, this build proves it quite ...
 Block count: 678
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Medieval Royal Tower

Thanks a lot LoganAH4 for this one of a kind tower! It truly is a royal tower and every li...
 Block count: 3599
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Small Medieval Temple

A small build is always a good idea. You know why? It fits so well even to the tiniest pie...
 Block count: 634
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Great Hall

Looking for something GREAT to build? And by great I mean reaaaally great. Well if this me...
 Block count: 13487
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Medieval Gatehouse 1

Ooooh, what a majestic entrance! Honestly, if my medieval Minecraft town had a gatehouse l...
 Block count: 1987
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Small Medieval Lodge House

A bit rustic but still elegant in it's own way... that's how I would describe this beauty ...
 Block count: 558
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Medieval Parlor

From the outside You would never guess what kind of building it is. A church? A schoolhous...
 Block count: 818
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Medieval Fantasy Mage Tower

Watch out guys, we've got one badass tower over here! It's truly a fantasy tower because f...
 Block count: 1535
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Small Medieval Tavern

Let me guess... You're planning to recreate an awesome medieval town that You saw on Youtu...
 Block count: 485
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Medieval Middle Class House 7

Wanna make some money? Build a house and rent it out to Your buddies! This model right her...
 Block count: 821
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Medieval Blacksmith

It's always nice to take a bit time off and try to handicraft something for Yourself or Yo...
 Block count: 1323
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Small Medieval Pub

Cool builds don't necessarily have to be overwhelming and huge, do they? I mean, this smal...
 Block count: 526
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Medieval Survival House

Wait, You've got a bakery, restaurant, all kind of shops and stuff in Your medieval town b...
 Block count: 1513
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