Small Medieval Shop

Wanna run a business in Your medieval town but don't know where to start? Owning a little ...
 Block count: 333
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Small Medieval Inn 2

This small medieval inn is making me feel like it is Christmas, because it looks so warm ...
 Block count: 1254
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Small Medieval House 5

Wow.... this medieval house looks like a tiny hut, doesn't it? It has two small floors. On...
 Block count: 357
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Small Medieval House 3

This house reminds me of a penguin ... do not ask me why. This is why it looks so cute, I...
 Block count: 629
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Medieval Inn & Pub

This Inn & Pub is looking really cozy and pretty. I love the lights inside the inn and the...
 Block count: 3492
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Low Class Medieval House

You know, life wasn't very easy back in the Middle Ages and some people had to manage with...
 Block count: 217
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Medieval House 2

The style of the Middle Ages never leaves us bored. Even this massive house shows that the...
 Block count: 1830
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Tree House 2

Attention, minecrafters! If You're still dreaming about getting an awesome tree house to Y...
 Block count: 779
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Small Gothic House

If You like Gothic houses then I believe You should like this house too, because even I l...
 Block count: 757
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Medieval House

Isn't this medieval house looking cool? It is pretty different from other modern or wood h...
 Block count: 1780
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Jungle Survival House

Imagine Yourself wandering around a beautiful jungle full of wonderful plants and just enj...
 Block count: 1166
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Wooden House 19

Look at this awesome house! It is pretty big and it has a lot of room for You do design it...
 Block count: 2420
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Small Modern House 2

Now this here is a pretty cool modern house, am I right? It is small, but it has a balcony...
 Block count: 1013
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Thatch Cottage

I am a country girl and this is why I am loving this thatch cottage, just look at it, it i...
 Block count: 627
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Round TreeHouse

Ever seen a round tree house? Hah, here's one to freshen Your memory! I must say that this...
 Block count: 1054
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Tree House 3

Tree houses are always so cozy and warm and nice and You just aaah, never want to leave th...
 Block count: 394
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