Mmmm, the smell of fresh cinnamon bread and cupcakes... Yumm! Good that You can now make Y...
 Block count: 629
Details Blueprints

Tiki Bar

 Block count: 466
Details Blueprints

Public Restroom

Now this is something very important, am I right? I mean restroom is really popular place ...
 Block count: 375
Details Blueprints

McDonald's Restaurant 1

Do You love McDonalds food? My favorite is the ice cream ... I know, not the place to go f...
 Block count: 1391
Details Blueprints

Haunted Mansion

Look at this spoooooky black house of bricks, I bet there are some dead people and animals...
 Block count: 2351
Details Blueprints

Compact House

This is the coziest house I have ever seen and it sure is compacted - I'd even say that th...
 Block count: 307
Details Blueprints

Beauty Salon

Now this is what I call a beauty salon, just look how detailed it is. It even has some bea...
 Block count: 571
Details Blueprints

Wooden House

Tiny but compact with all the right equipment You need after a long day at the constructio...
 Block count: 965
Details Blueprints

Large Library

Wooow, that's awesome! This library will rock Your socks off! Just look how big and majest...
 Block count: 1877
Details Blueprints

Gothic House

It's time to take a little step back in the history and see how did gothic houses look lik...
 Block count: 1168
Details Blueprints

Gingerbread House

Yummmm! This one is literally a delicious building! A house made of gingerbread and all th...
 Block count: 697
Details Blueprints

Medieval Pub

Have You ever been to a pub before? It is a good place to go hang out with Your friends, t...
 Block count: 992
Details Blueprints

Small Tree House 1

You're currently facing every child's dream- a tree house. Although it's a tree house, it'...
 Block count: 723
Details Blueprints

Medieval Shop

I do not like shopping, but I sure do like visiting cute little shops where they have ever...
 Block count: 730
Details Blueprints

Medieval Bakery

I can already smell fresh baked pastries coming from this bakery - I'm hungry now! Look ho...
 Block count: 926
Details Blueprints


You can have as many malls and shiny houses in Your Minecraft city but as long as You're m...
 Block count: 1225
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