Medieval House 1

Ever seen windows like that? I guess not unless You're a serious fan of the Middle Ages. I...
 Block count: 911
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Jungle Temple

Skip the part of building luxurious modern houses and go straight to creating glorious tem...
 Block count: 2712
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Wither House

Now this is a house I have never seen before - The Wither house. It is looking pretty co...
 Block count: 965
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Wooden House 21

This here is an easy , good looking wooden house. Easy because, well it is really easy to ...
 Block count: 674
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Modern House 20

Meet Your new small Minecraft home! This truly looks like some cartoon character's little ...
 Block count: 2123
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Modern House 19

Elegant and spacious yet easy to build and simple enough to comfort Your needs- that's wha...
 Block count: 1543
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Blacksmith Shop

Now You can work peacefully on Your forging projects without worrying about bothering the ...
 Block count: 1245
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Wooden House 20

An earthy but modern house- what else could one wood lover ask for!? This house is truly a...
 Block count: 2156
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Simple Medieval House

Medieval designs are always soooo fascinating! Just look at this house- it's anything else...
 Block count: 847
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Moose Survival House

A survival house that looks like moose? Why not! Boring designs never do anything to compl...
 Block count: 1239
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Clothing Store

Here's something for the real fashionistas- a legit designer shop for Your favourite brand...
 Block count: 964
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Farm Building

If You want to build a whole complex of farm buildings then You've come to the very right ...
 Block count: 2139
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Wooden Starter House

I love this wooden starter house, it looks really friendly and welcoming for some reason -...
 Block count: 714
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Rabbit Pens

I love rabbits, they are just so cute and fluffy and always making me feel a little better...
 Block count: 198
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Small Wooden Cabin 7

This is a nicand cozy wooden cottage. And I love the hedge around it, makes it more privat...
 Block count: 560
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Modern House 18

This house reminds me of a house located in London city, the ones You see in movies. It's ...
 Block count: 1884
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