Low Class Medieval House

You know, life wasn't very easy back in the Middle Ages and some people had to manage with...
 Block count: 217
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Pokemon Center

I hope You've already made some cute pokemons because these little creatures are just irre...
 Block count: 2174
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Medieval House 2

The style of the Middle Ages never leaves us bored. Even this massive house shows that the...
 Block count: 1830
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Taco Bell Restaurant 1

Mmmm, yumm! I don't personally know any americans who hasn't been to Taco Bell. Do You? An...
 Block count: 8859
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Petrol Station

When I am travelling then the petrol stations are my favorite stops on the road, because I...
 Block count: 3974
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Dan The Diamond Minecart's Lab

Hello, all DanTDM fans, here we have his huge lab. And I got to be honest, I don't know ...
 Block count: 4347
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Subway Restaurant 1

This is a Subway Restaurant everybody. Pretty small and cute one but very realistic. I ...
 Block count: 9099
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Roman Temple

Wow! What an architecture! This model is pretty close to the real Roman temples that were ...
 Block count: 1262
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Medieval Bar

In the Middle Ages, people didn't had the chance to choose between hundreds of bars in the...
 Block count: 2765
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PopularMMOs Arena

I honestly have no idea but do You know who's going to win the next battle? I mean, this M...
 Block count: 6828
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Wooden Stable

New Minecraft animals and all the former ones need a warm place to sleep and do their anim...
 Block count: 1841
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Tree House 2

Attention, minecrafters! If You're still dreaming about getting an awesome tree house to Y...
 Block count: 779
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Starbucks 1

I'm always thinking to myself why do everybody love this coffee shop soooo much!? When tim...
 Block count: 11110
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Small Gothic House

If You like Gothic houses then I believe You should like this house too, because even I l...
 Block count: 757
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Medieval House

Isn't this medieval house looking cool? It is pretty different from other modern or wood h...
 Block count: 1780
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Jungle Survival House

Imagine Yourself wandering around a beautiful jungle full of wonderful plants and just enj...
 Block count: 1166
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