Medieval Gentlemen's Club

Oooh, mates, hide Your wives because this house is only meant for reaaaal gentlemen! It's ...
 Block count: 931
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Medieval Hunting Lodge

You know that some people still go to hunting trips, like they used to do it in the Mediev...
 Block count: 2096
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Medieval Guard Tower

Run this medieval town like a boss in Your new super fancy guard tower! Doesn't this thing...
 Block count: 682
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Medieval Factory

Have You ever dreamed of having Your own factory? Well check out this cool medieval facto...
 Block count: 503
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Oil Change Station

Since people are using vehicles to travel faster and easier then we also need to take car...
 Block count: 1303
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Waterfall Survival House

Hey there, You little wanna-be-survivor! I've got some great stuff for You! This survival ...
 Block count: 2736
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Suburban House 6

I love this spacious and bright house. It looks like a family house from England for some ...
 Block count: 5214
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Squidwards House

This is a Squidwards house everybody, look how awesome it looks. I have always wanted to l...
 Block count: 1878
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Medieval Town Hall

Got that feeling like You're obsessed by the medieval buildings? Here's something overly m...
 Block count: 3853
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Ranch House

I love this house, look how beautiful and quiet it looks. I love the brown color and the r...
 Block count: 4026
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Low Class Medieval House 10

I really like medieval houses and this house here looks pretty cool. To be honest, from th...
 Block count: 496
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Modern House 21

Now this house looks amazing, it is huge and beautiful. It even has a pool and a gorgeous ...
 Block count: 3376
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Mob Proof House

This house is on fireeeee! Yeah, from now on that's how You'll protect Yourself from mob! ...
 Block count: 1846
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Patrick's House

Everyone knows who lives in a pineapple but what about his best friend!? Partick's got a l...
 Block count: 1173
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Medieval Small Watch Tower 2

You've got to keep Your properties under control, especially if we're talking about the M...
 Block count: 1015
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Low Class Medieval House 9

If You're seeking for a reaaaally small house to build then congratulations- You've offici...
 Block count: 386
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