Wooden House 19

Look at this awesome house! It is pretty big and it has a lot of room for You do design it...
 Block count: 2420
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Small Modern House 2

Now this here is a pretty cool modern house, am I right? It is small, but it has a balcony...
 Block count: 1013
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Gas Station 1

Looong and boring highways require a practical gas station where minecrafters could get so...
 Block count: 3305
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Thatch Cottage

I am a country girl and this is why I am loving this thatch cottage, just look at it, it i...
 Block count: 627
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Round TreeHouse

Ever seen a round tree house? Hah, here's one to freshen Your memory! I must say that this...
 Block count: 1054
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Tree House 3

Tree houses are always so cozy and warm and nice and You just aaah, never want to leave th...
 Block count: 394
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Mystery Shack

I hope You are a fan of mysteries because this house is from gravity falls and Yes, this i...
 Block count: 5479
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Igloo Mansion

I remember building different snow castles in the winter but never did I manage to build s...
 Block count: 2785
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Cobblestone House

I never thought Cobblestone house could look this good. I mean this house here is really c...
 Block count: 1261
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Blue Downtown House

Now this is the house I'd like to live in. This blue house is pretty realistic with cute w...
 Block count: 2958
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Torture Chamber

You better close Your eyes because it's about to get scary as hell! Medieval period never ...
 Block count: 401
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Small Medieval House 2

This small Minecraft medieval house isn't as small as You may think. It's actually pretty ...
 Block count: 1282
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Brick House

Every minecrafter obviously loves building and to satisfy this great desire of creating so...
 Block count: 1490
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Small Modern House 3

The design of this house is weirdly confusing me... Is it because of the unordinary struct...
 Block count: 1138
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Small Modern House

There are tons of modern houses's blueprints out there so why should You build exactly thi...
 Block count: 900
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Horse Stable

Must love all the Minecraft animals! This time we're about to show our endless love to tho...
 Block count: 751
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