Modern Hotel

Are You ready for a new challenge? I hope You are, because I've got something great for Yo...
 Block count: 2504
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Quartz House 11

So big, so modern, sooo cool and enormously beautiful house is right in front of You! This...
 Block count: 1649
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Brick House 8

You don't have a Brick House yet? Wait, what!? You're lucky that You searched for Minecraf...
 Block count: 2099
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Quartz House 3

Let me introduce You a quartz house where even Your dog would love to live! It's so massiv...
 Block count: 1193
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Wooden House 6

Here's a nice and spacious wooden house, where You can keep all Your favourite Minecraft s...
 Block count: 2211
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Starbucks Modern

An amazingly well built Starbucks Café! It's interior is very well thought through and it ...
 Block count: 778
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Tardis Statue

We have amazing plans for Your Minecraft world, I present You - the Doctor Who time machi...
 Block count: 4724
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Red Barn (Version 1)

A big red barn - You can bring Your cattle in it or just make a cattle of zombies and spid...
 Block count: 3979
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