Rocket Station

"Houston, we have a problem!" The problem is that the rocket station is absolutely grand! ...
 Block count: 1730
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Castle With Blue Towers

Here's absolutely one of the most amazing Minecraft castles that I have ever seen! It's me...
 Block count: 10465
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Starter House With Basement

Cute, little and compact house for a Minecrafter which doesn't need much luxury to survive...
 Block count: 519
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Modern Private House 1

This house looks like the perfect family house - it is big, cozy and modern. I love that t...
 Block count: 10259
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Logistics Building

No transportation company works without a logistics building and neither does Yours. This ...
 Block count: 9492
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Working Castle Gate

If You own a castle or a huge house and You want it secured, then this gate is perfect for...
 Block count: 496
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Wooden Mansion 2

Wow, wow, and again- WOW! That's just insane, how one's imagination has nooo limits! This ...
 Block count: 6701
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Tiny House

This tiny house looks so cute, if You don't need a huge mansion, but still want to have a ...
 Block count: 201
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Small Wooden House 1

Small, cosy, warm and spacious enough to become Your favourite getaway house! It's really ...
 Block count: 1020
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Small Wooden Cabin 6

That's just so cool, how wooden cabins fit so well anywhere You build them... You can buil...
 Block count: 297
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Small Glass House

House made of glass would seem pretty bizarre in the real world, but in Minecraft world Yo...
 Block count: 325
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Simple Tree House

This is the coolest tree house I have ever seen. I mean it is really cool and iwould fit ...
 Block count: 70
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Sandstone Stable

A stable made of sandstone... say what? It really sounds goofy, but after looking at the c...
 Block count: 2637
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Modern Mansion 3

Look at this modern mansion, isn't it looking good? I love the green and white on the bro...
 Block count: 6557
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Medieval Beacon

Are You ready? I hope You are, because I've got something seriously amazing for You! This ...
 Block count: 2622
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Now this is not what I expected a lighthouse would look like, but I like it. It even has a...
 Block count: 1433
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