Nightwing Dragon

Who's that creature? It's supposed to be a dragon but looks more like an enormous bird or ...
 Block count: 605
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King Thorn

Remember this movie character? King Thorn knows how to rule. He's an actual master in it. ...
 Block count: 1771
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Fighting Dragon

Love fictional animals? You're a big fan of dragons? Welcome, buddy, You've come to the ve...
 Block count: 2652
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Dragon with Fire

Isn't that fierce!? Dragon that is erupting fire- haven't seen a build that awesome for a ...
 Block count: 3320
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Chinese Dragon

Minecrafting a dragon is always a good idea. Always. Especially when You can pick between ...
 Block count: 2727
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Heraldic Animal Statues

If fictional animals get Your heart beat up then it's time to try out those 3 beauties. Ho...
 Block count: 1213
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Anubis - God of the Dead

Movie characters have finally found their way to Minecraft. Actually, this enormous build ...
 Block count: 2632
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Thinknoodles Statue

It's time for another Youtuber statue again! This time it's all about Thinknoodles. You ca...
 Block count: 1011
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Crainer Statue

Is he blonde or is his hair just yellow? Naah, who cares, he's cute either way. He's just ...
 Block count: 1048
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MrWoofless Statue

MrWoofless statue looks extremely happy, like he is in real life ... i guess so. Anyway hi...
 Block count: 1048
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Markiplier Statue

I hope You are a subscriber to Markiplier, because he is hilarious. If You are ever having...
 Block count: 1039
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ExplodingTNT Statue

I have a serious question... Is he about to explode? Because he really looks like he's a l...
 Block count: 1216
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Steve Statue (Explorer Steve)

It's not a typical statue You'll find here in Grabcraft. This one's got items in his hands...
 Block count: 1131
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TBNRfrags Statue

Confusing. He's wearing a nice suit but it seems like he has been attacked by some crazy p...
 Block count: 962
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LittleLizardGaming Statue

Nice costume, bro! I'm sure he could easily go to jungle and no animal would recognize tha...
 Block count: 1046
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Lachlan Statue

Nice haircut, dude! With a look of a schoolboy he still manages to make a catchy impressio...
 Block count: 1009
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