Spok Statue

Can You imagine a Spok just walking around and suddenly seeing this statue here - pretty s...
 Block count: 342
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Small Enderman Statue

Enderman ... am I the only one who thinks they are kind of cute? I love the color black an...
 Block count: 63
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Centaur Statue

Do You know Your Mythology? I am sure You do because if not then now You do - a Centaur ak...
 Block count: 501
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Cavalry Commander Statue

Well this is interesting statue we have here. I don't think I have ever seen a colorful st...
 Block count: 522
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Statue of The Rebel

Rebel has its own statue ... I did not know that but it is actually cute, right? Everyone ...
 Block count: 197
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Statue of The Minotaur

Okay this is one creepy statue. Do You know the story about Minotaur? He or it ( because h...
 Block count: 133
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Greek Female Statue

A greek statue ... If You have a Greek town or a temple then this statue here is a must ha...
 Block count: 141
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Statue of The Archer

Okay this here is a wonderful statue. The colors are so beautiful and the Archer too of co...
 Block count: 140
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Square of Heroes

Well ... this here is something different and really unique. Have You ever seen something ...
 Block count: 1757
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Glorious Statue of Wise King

I kind of like the name of this statue here "Glorious statue of wise king" To be honest th...
 Block count: 906
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Statue of The Dwarven King

Woah, I wosh my town had a statue like this, all we have is boring stuff but this one here...
 Block count: 149
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Statue of The Forest Wizard

Have You ever seen a real forest wizard? I still haven't had the luck but this statue here...
 Block count: 207
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Guardian Angel Statue

A statue for Your guardian angel - this is one of the sweetest things I have seen whole da...
 Block count: 218
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Statue of The Young Prince

Well, a statue of a young prince ... who wouldn't like that, am I right? This statue is so...
 Block count: 139
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Statue of The Unknown Hero

Oh statues, they really do make the village into more colorful and interesting place. I me...
 Block count: 143
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Statue of The Noble Old King

I am not a fan of statues but still, a statue for kings ... it sounds really nice and actu...
 Block count: 158
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