Grian Statue

Hey, doesn't this Grian statue look amazing? It is very minimalistic and easy statue to do...
 Block count: 1000
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Aphmau Statue

Have You ever thought that You watch one video in Youtube but in seven hours You think wha...
 Block count: 1153
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Christmas Herobrine Statue

First thing that pops into my mind: what an awesome ugly Christmas sweater! As You may see...
 Block count: 991
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Little Kelly Statue

How adorable! How cute! This little girly girl is a Youtuber Little Kelly who's despite he...
 Block count: 1220
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Fat Santa Statue

Santa, You're fat! Did You eat too much gingerbread? I hope it's not because You stole all...
 Block count: 1451
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Pharaon Statue

I've got a real goody to all the Egyptian mythology fans! Here's the notorious Pharaon in ...
 Block count: 4949
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Anubis - God of the Dead Statue

Do You know all Egyptian gods and goddesses? This black and golden one here is Anubis, the...
 Block count: 2632
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Ali A Statue

Ali A is such an inspiring and adventurous guy who is running a successful Youtube channel...
 Block count: 1047
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StacyPlays Statue

Wooop, who run the Youtube? GIRLS! Seems like more and more girls are making their way int...
 Block count: 1062
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SamGladiator Statue

Nice hoodie, mate! Why are You so mad? Yeah, this guy needs to relax because his eyes betr...
 Block count: 1046
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HeyImBee Statue

This girl is amaaaa-zing! She's a one of a kind Youtuber who has created herself a super a...
 Block count: 1106
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Osiris Statue

Do You feel a little bit smaller under the statue of god of the dead and underworld? Well ...
 Block count: 4807
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Isis Statue

When You need better health and more wisdom then I hope Isis, the Egyptian goddess can hel...
 Block count: 7243
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Egyptian Queen Statue

I remember when I first learn about Egypt then I really wanted to become an Egyptian queen...
 Block count: 4750
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Anubis Statue

The god of death and afterlife ... what do You think of him? Doesn't he look amazing? To b...
 Block count: 5111
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White Queen

Always flawless White Queen with red lips and sparkling crown... How come is she always so...
 Block count: 2007
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