Santa Statue

Ho-Ho-Ho! Have You been a good kid this year? I hope You have because Christmas came earl...
 Block count: 1009
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ZexyZek Statue

ZexyZek is that legendary guy, who's the youngest Youtuber with at least 1 million subscri...
 Block count: 1032
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Squaishey Quack Statue

This is a statue of Squaishey Quack everybody! A nice looking statue, am I right? I think ...
 Block count: 992
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Captain America Statue

The unbreakable, immortal superhero Captain America is someone who should appear in Your M...
 Block count: 1072
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Minecart Statue

If You like using Minecarts ( building rollercoasters maybe?) in Minecraft then You shoul...
 Block count: 1426
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End Portal Statue

If You don't fancy going to the end just yet, then why not to build Yourself a statue of t...
 Block count: 9468
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Super Mario Mushroom Statue

Look at this Mushroom statue - isn't it awesome? It looks like the real mushroom so i gues...
 Block count: 744
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Piston Statue

If You're tired of building easy stuff on Minecraft then You should level up! By that I me...
 Block count: 1748
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Enchanting Table Statue

Who thought that enchanting table could look that cool? If You use this item daily then ta...
 Block count: 1184
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Anvil Statue

Here's something urgent that You need in Your Minecraft World- an Anvil Statue. As You kn...
 Block count: 844
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Crafting Table Statue

Let me introduce You the Statue of one of the most essential blocks in Minecraft- the Craf...
 Block count: 1156
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Cactus Statue

To me this Cactus statue looks amazing - not so amazing to my friend who sat on the cactus...
 Block count: 1024
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Homer Simpson Statue

Look at this cool Homer Simpson statue, it really looks like him. I like his belly and his...
 Block count: 1342
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Jukebox Statue

Everyone loves music! I'm sure You have Your own favourites who You could listen to all da...
 Block count: 1240
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Grass Block Statue

I know You need a Grass Block Statue in Your Minecraft World. Even if You already have a b...
 Block count: 1156
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King Statue

Every castle needs a king and every kingdom needs one, too. By that I mean You need a King...
 Block count: 1110
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