Statue of The Grey Wizard

Oooh a Grey wizard. All of the people who have had the priviledge to meet this person are ...
 Block count: 223
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Statue of The Flag Bearer

This is interesting, a Flag Bearer as a statue. Well I think it is a good idea actually, e...
 Block count: 217
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Little Nurse Statue

Woah, this nurse really looks ... different. It is adorable and really colorful tho. I wis...
 Block count: 91
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Statue of The Atlas

Interesting, very interesting. This is one of the coolest statues I have ever seen in here...
 Block count: 282
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Dwarven Warrior Statue 1

Warrior statues are always good to have in a town because that keeps the spirit up! Especi...
 Block count: 221
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Zombie Villager Statue

Oh this statue here is rather interesting. Can You imagine it in the town or oh, in the fo...
 Block count: 57
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Cowboy Steve Statue

Heh, Steve is looking rather good today, don't You think so? I think he is a bit smaller t...
 Block count: 99
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Blocktezuma Statue

Well ... the Blocktezuma we are seeing here is actually a sun! Well not exactly but doesn'...
 Block count: 65
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Statue of The Old Witch

Let's be honest old witches are the best! Well yeah they can be scary but if You don't do ...
 Block count: 197
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Statue of The Maceman

Once this Maceman was really, really fast and strong while destroying buildings but now it...
 Block count: 180
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Crusader Knight Statue

If You are looking for a statue that would represent bravery, strength and cleverness then...
 Block count: 439
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Zombie Pigman Statue

This character is one of the most interesting ones in the world of Minecraft .. I think so...
 Block count: 55
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Statue of The Iron King

Now this here is a true statue of someone that everyone knows. The Iron King ... He is suc...
 Block count: 209
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Squid Statue

I fell for a Squid ... this is just stupidly adorable. The tiny squid legs are so cute, th...
 Block count: 60
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Small Chicken Statue

Woooah, Chicken statue ... who on earth thought of that? But ... It is adorable. It is suc...
 Block count: 51
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Starkinho Statue

Woah, now this is such a cool statue. It is huge and when You put the real skin next to it...
 Block count: 327
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