Knight Mini Statue 3

Serious guestion ... what are statues for? I mean what do You think is their purpose in ou...
 Block count: 137
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Knight Mini Statue 5

So, what is Your relationship with statues? There are only two types of people really - on...
 Block count: 135
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Feudal Japan Shrine Guardian Statue

Woah, this statue here is really artistic. To be honest it is really cool, just look at it...
 Block count: 43
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Knight Mini Statue 4

Here we go, a beautiful Knight statue for You. Since it is a mini statue then what do You ...
 Block count: 138
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Knight Mini Statue 2

What do You think of statues? Are You a statue fan or it is just so-so ... I feel like thi...
 Block count: 153
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Knight Mini Statue 1

Oh how I love statues. Did You know that every statue tells an unique story, a story that ...
 Block count: 148
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Old Depiction of the Earth

Do You remeber all of the wonderful ideas what the earth looks like? I am absolutely sure ...
 Block count: 4300
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Forest Giant

If You want to make Your forest more interesting and maybe even famous then I am pretty su...
 Block count: 984
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Ancient Giant Tortoise

What is it about old statues that are so relaxing and calming? This Tortoise here is so cu...
 Block count: 1524
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Creeper Statue Drop Machine

Haha, creeper statue indeed! This green thing is really a unique build suitable for any ad...
 Block count: 1303
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Forest Golem

Holy macaroni! That creature right here has literally no chill. Anyone got a chill pill fo...
 Block count: 2076
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Medieval Kingdom Throne 2

If I think of thrones then I immediately think of huge, massive, detailed beautiful ones l...
 Block count: 23
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Medieval Kingdom Throne 1

Every person needs a throne, right? To be honest I have always wanted to own a real fancy,...
 Block count: 18
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High Elven Stag Statue

A must have statue in every high elven village. This little stag statue is a great build i...
 Block count: 21
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"Rudolf the red nose reindeeeer...." Yeah, we all know that song. But this Rudolf here unf...
 Block count: 58
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Christmas Reindeer

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! And this reindeer knows exactly what's goi...
 Block count: 58
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