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Enchanting Table Statue

Who thought that enchanting table could look that cool? If You use this item daily then ta...
 Block count: 1184
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Ghost Robo

Every time I hear someone saying "Look, a ghost!" I just freak out! Ghosts are just so awf...
 Block count: 1901
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Bulbasaur is probably one of the most well-known Pokemon among young people and it seems l...
 Block count: 754
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This is a Dalek, some kind of a mutant from Doctor Who. To be honest it does look pretty s...
 Block count: 1203
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Anvil Statue

Here's something urgent that You need in Your Minecraft World- an Anvil Statue. As You kn...
 Block count: 844
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iPhone 6

Apple products never get out of style! Remember the time iPhone 6 was released? I don't kn...
 Block count: 6997
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Crafting Table Statue

Let me introduce You the Statue of one of the most essential blocks in Minecraft- the Craf...
 Block count: 1156
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Patrick Star

Well... this is Patrick, Spongebob's best friend besides Gary. He is a little bit dumb, b...
 Block count: 789
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Cactus Statue

To me this Cactus statue looks amazing - not so amazing to my friend who sat on the cactus...
 Block count: 1024
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Homer Simpson Statue

Look at this cool Homer Simpson statue, it really looks like him. I like his belly and his...
 Block count: 1342
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Quartz House 3

Let me introduce You a quartz house where even Your dog would love to live! It's so massiv...
 Block count: 1193
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Batman Logo

Na-na-na-na Batman! I just love the theme song of the Batman series! It doesn't matter how...
 Block count: 1960
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School Bus

An old-school American schoolbus- that's a bus that doesn't need more explanation. Great n...
 Block count: 254
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Cuteness overload! You know exactly who's this lovely Pokemon with light green fur and dul...
 Block count: 876
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Sonic the Hedgehog is not an ordinary hedgehog as You already know. He's unbelievably cour...
 Block count: 315
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Fishing Rod

Do You agree that this huge Fishing Rod Statue looks almost like an actual fishing rod? We...
 Block count: 67
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