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Cauldron Statue

Why not to make a Cauldron? It is a pretty cool and very easy thing to own in Your statue ...
 Block count: 1452
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Me Gusta Face

Me Gusta! Isn't this one of the most popular memes now? Can You imagine this statue in Yo...
 Block count: 1567
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Look at this cute blue Squirtle and how it is waving at You happily with a big smile on it...
 Block count: 751
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Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo Statue would look just great in Your logo statue collection, don't You think? ...
 Block count: 1147
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Pepsi Logo

Imagine cold Pepsi with ice on a hot summer day... What could be better? If You love Peps...
 Block count: 1313
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Facebook Logo

Are You a fan of logos? Do You love spending time in Facebook? If the answer is yes for th...
 Block count: 450
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Youtube Logo

Ever dreamt of having Your own little Youtube, where You can collect all Your favourite Yo...
 Block count: 581
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Look how detailed this happy Totodile is with his cute little tail and white teeth... He l...
 Block count: 760
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I am having trouble deciding which one is the cutest character from Pokémon, because this...
 Block count: 921
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Carnage Statue

This statue of Carnage is really amazing. Just look at it! Red and black really suits him ...
 Block count: 1024
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Deadpool Statue

Look, it's Deadpool! This fictional antihero is wellknown from Marvel comic books and I be...
 Block count: 992
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Venom Extreme Statue

He's bad, he's unpredictable, he's... Venom Extreme! This scary supervillain is so powerfu...
 Block count: 1004
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Hulk Statue

This statue of Hulk seems actually friedly - he'd not as aggressive as the comic book one....
 Block count: 1028
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Freddy Statue

Who is this mysterious bear with a nice bowtie, distinctive hat, big teeth and shiny red e...
 Block count: 1069
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Daredevil Statue

Daredevil is known from comics, movies and TV series and he's just incredibly amazing! He ...
 Block count: 1026
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Venom Statue

Have You ever watched cartoons or read Marvel comics? Of course, You have! Therefore, a fi...
 Block count: 1018
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