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Starbucks Classic

We all know the answer to a question "Where can I get the best coffee in town?"Ofcourse - ...
 Block count: 1508
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Stan (South Park)

South Park never gets boring. Maybe You should think about creating Your own South Park Wo...
 Block count: 271
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Superman Logo

He's always on time, always there when someone needs help. The Superman is the greatest of...
 Block count: 1033
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Apple Logo

Need an addition to Your logo collection or just a cool logo to build? An Apple Logo is de...
 Block count: 1028
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Captain America Statue

The unbreakable, immortal superhero Captain America is someone who should appear in Your M...
 Block count: 1072
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Wooden Mansion 1

Hey there, You little fan of colossal buildings! I hope You understand what You got Yourse...
 Block count: 4048
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Wooden House 4

It's not a typical wooden house that You see in Minecraft. This one right here looks cozie...
 Block count: 2078
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Wooden House 3

If you already have a quartz house then it's about to try something new and build a wooden...
 Block count: 771
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Wooden House 2

Wooden houses look so glorious, especially when they are sooooo big! If You want to try so...
 Block count: 1717
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The Simpsons House

Already have the statues of all the Simpson family members? Now it's time for some serious...
 Block count: 8238
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Small Survival House 1

Want to build a survival house, but don't want to make it big? This small survival house i...
 Block count: 1263
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Nether Portal Room

Build all the Portal Rooms! Build an End Portal Room, but don't forget the Nether Portal R...
 Block count: 427
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End Portal Room

Looks like You don't have an End Portal Room yet, otherwise You wouldn't be here. At least...
 Block count: 588
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Krusty Krab

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Yes, it's Spongebob! And as You know he loves to e...
 Block count: 2562
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McDonald's Restaurant

Imagine that You just headed out from school after a loooong school day and You were hungr...
 Block count: 4251
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Minecart Statue

If You like using Minecarts ( building rollercoasters maybe?) in Minecraft then You shoul...
 Block count: 1426
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