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Brick House 2

This is a fancy brick house for You. It looks expensive and kind of a cool house with a b...
 Block count: 3571
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Youtube Play Button Logo

Already got the Youtube Logo Statue? Next up You should try to build the Youtube Play Butt...
 Block count: 540
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Mojang Logo

I'm sure that not every minecrafter knows who created Minecraft. Are You one of them, too?...
 Block count: 5582
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Pokemon Logo

Did You know that You can find the blueprints for all the Pokemons from Grabcraft? Well, n...
 Block count: 1450
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Autobot Logo

Listen up, all the Transformers' fans! Besides the Decepticons logo, You can also try buil...
 Block count: 798
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Decepticon Logo

Transformers are back and they are here to stay! If You're a fan of Transformers then You ...
 Block count: 834
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Wooden Tavern 2

Look at this huge Tavern. Doesn't it look fancy? I mean it is huge (for the second time!...
 Block count: 3218
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Small Blacksmith

This is a cozy blacksmith - a small house for blacksmiths if I can put it that way. From t...
 Block count: 1436
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Modern Mansion

If You want to live like a real billionaire then You've come to a the right place. The Mod...
 Block count: 1895
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Small Arabian Desert House

If You're tired of building European style houses, then it's time to try something new. Ho...
 Block count: 960
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Wooden Tavern 1

If You like wooden buildings and You enjoy spending time in a tavern, then I've got someth...
 Block count: 2116
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Arabic Desert Temple Tower

This is a bit different from the towers we are used to seeing, am I right or is it just me...
 Block count: 1614
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Spongebob's House

A house made of a pineapple? Hah, are You kidding me? Well, it doesn't seem like a joke to...
 Block count: 1128
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Borderlands Vault Insignia Logo

Is it the Borderlands logo or the Vault logo? Hah, it's the same! Did You know that the th...
 Block count: 785
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The Family Guy House

The Family Guy cartoon is timeless and their jokes are priceless! If You like Peter and al...
 Block count: 7706
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Kyle (South Park)

Listen up, guys! I've got something cool for the South Park fans! One of the funniest char...
 Block count: 307
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