MineCraft Objects Database


Rage Face

Ever got upset by not managing to build Your favourite statue or not understanding the blu...
 Block count: 1387
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Look at this small blue eyed Charmander everybody, isn't he cute? He is cute, but also dan...
 Block count: 184
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Squirtle 2

The Squirtle looks like he is spying on somebody, so You better be quiet because if You me...
 Block count: 209
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Just WOW! This trollface looks exactly like the real one! If You're the trolling-kind-of-p...
 Block count: 1015
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Boo Pixel Art

Aaah, another ghost? Really? Considered to the Ghost Emoji, this one right here looks trul...
 Block count: 182
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Brewing Stand Statue

This statue looks exactly like Your Brewing stand, doesn't it? You know that it is used fo...
 Block count: 335
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Monster Logo

I think I don't need to look any further to find out what's the secret of Your endless ene...
 Block count: 938
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He is always so cheerful and happy, but what happened to him here? He looks confused, even...
 Block count: 191
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Do You ever wonder if Pac-Man eats anything else than dots? In video games no, but in a wo...
 Block count: 110
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Ender Portal Frame Statue

An Ender Portal statue for You guys. This looks seriously amazing, it is gorgeous and the ...
 Block count: 976
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Toad looks so serious here. I wonder if he ever reflects how happy he is to be a part of t...
 Block count: 318
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Dry Bones

Here it is! One of the greatest enemies of Super Mario is ready to be a part of Minecraft....
 Block count: 275
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Look at this Link's cute big ears and his green suit. He even has his shield with him. Is ...
 Block count: 174
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This is a small brown mushroom called the Goomba. He is one of the Super Mario's enemies, ...
 Block count: 182
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Mario Mushroom

This is a Mushroom statue, like You can see it's from Super Mario. This statue looks cute...
 Block count: 215
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Notch Apple

This is a notch apple everybody! It has pretty purple edges, its middle part is golden and...
 Block count: 116
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