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Master Ball

You can never have enough of statues, when it comes to Pokemon characters. They are all ju...
 Block count: 263
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Santa Statue

Ho-Ho-Ho! Have You been a good kid this year? I hope You have because Christmas came earl...
 Block count: 1009
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ZexyZek Statue

ZexyZek is that legendary guy, who's the youngest Youtuber with at least 1 million subscri...
 Block count: 1032
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Mew Pixel Art

Look at this cute Mew statue, isn't it gorgeous? I really like its tail and tiny ears! I ...
 Block count: 852
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Squaishey Quack Statue

This is a statue of Squaishey Quack everybody! A nice looking statue, am I right? I think ...
 Block count: 992
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Superman Pixel Art

This is the cutest Superman I have ever seen. This statue is more like pixel art, so that ...
 Block count: 354
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Grumpy Cat

Look at this Grumpy cat statue, isn't this awesome? It really looks like the real cat to b...
 Block count: 1696
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Every american knows what is Target and why it's so phenomenal. Who doesn't like to get al...
 Block count: 10696
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Now this is what I am talking about. A Starbucks in Minecraft - things are getting more an...
 Block count: 2091
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Gas Station

Do You have any idea how essential a Gas Station is nowadays? Like... There wouldn't be al...
 Block count: 2217
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Wooden House 1

This wooden house is perfect for people who love nature - don't ask me why, it just looks ...
 Block count: 1611
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Burger King

Mmmmm... burgers! What could taste better than a nice and juicy burger from the Burger Kin...
 Block count: 1455
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Small Tree House

This is sooo awesome! A small tree house was everything I wanted when I was a little child...
 Block count: 744
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Pig Emoji

Squeak, squeak, squeaaaak- do You think that the Pig Emoji would make that sound as well? ...
 Block count: 642
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WWE Logo

If You're thinking about opening Your very own wrestling club or a sports club where minec...
 Block count: 2823
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Small Wooden Cabin

Well, guys, I'm not going to lie to you- the Small Wooden Cabin looks super cool and it's ...
 Block count: 633
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