Modern Houses


Pokemon Professors House

So, if I become a professor then there is a change that I can get a house like that? Becau...
 Block count: 1829
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Modern Two Storey House

Windows. Windows everywhere. If being exposed from every angle isn't a problem for You or ...
 Block count: 970
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Modern Split Level House 2

That's definitely something new. Something to seriously consider. Look how well different ...
 Block count: 569
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Pokemon Repair Workshop

Some people just do break things, like me and I do need people who are good at repairing s...
 Block count: 1782
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Pokemon Mansion

Pokemon is the new black as You may've noticed. Don't miss the perfect opportunity to get ...
 Block count: 4577
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Pokemon Apartment 2

NexGen_Insanity has done some amazing job creating an awesome Pokemon Building Pack for fu...
 Block count: 1830
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Modern Split Level House

If You're up for something new and out of the box then welcome! Here's a modern split leve...
 Block count: 883
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Modern Public Building

Those old-school libraries may look stunning and all but some of us may prefer a little mo...
 Block count: 1143
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Modern Auditorium

Wanna build an educational center but feel like You don't need more than just one auditori...
 Block count: 1285
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Pokemon School

You can build anything with Pokemon theme, I mean the whole town - a poke town? Now that w...
 Block count: 3944
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Modern Gallery

Can You imagine owning Your own gallery - It would be absolutely amazing! Plus this Modern...
 Block count: 2054
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Pokemon House 2

I am glad that the Pokemon craziness is going down lately, but Not here it ain't! This her...
 Block count: 647
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Pokemon House 1

Cuteness overload! Look how adorable this little house is! Ohhh, some days I wish I was a ...
 Block count: 752
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Pokemon Asian Restaurant

Asian restaurant at its best! Just look how colorful it is, even the small windows are blu...
 Block count: 1218
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Pokemon Apartment 1

If You are a color person and You like easy looking houses then I believe that this Pokemo...
 Block count: 2401
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Pokemon Store

Since this is a pokemon store, can I buy some pokeballs from there or those cute fluffy st...
 Block count: 1165
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