Modern Houses


Modern Inner Rowhouse 2

Oooh, how cool is that! Rowhouses are becoming more and more popular since the land is bec...
 Block count: 1589
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Modern Inner Rowhouse 1

Hah, that's a bit funny. Imagine living in such a narrow house... That may seem pretty unc...
 Block count: 1592
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Shop Modern Design

So this is what a modern design shop looks like ... From far away it reminded me of a sand...
 Block count: 967
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Regent Modern House Design

Now this design here is inspiring, I am not joking around. The modern house looks so reali...
 Block count: 1556
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Mirror Modern House Design

This house is worth a design award. For real. Clean lines and basic colors make it look ex...
 Block count: 2467
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Calypso Modern House Design

Are all modern houses that ... symmetrical? Even the bushes are looking more than perfect!...
 Block count: 1687
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Aqua Modern House Design

In need of a new cool build? Perfect! Here's an awesome aqua modern house to brighten up Y...
 Block count: 3346
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American Suburban Home 5

Oh, that's really a nice and cozy family house right here. Big enough to fit 12345 childre...
 Block count: 2206
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American Suburban Home 4

Is it just me, or this Suburban home here looks really clean for some reason. The colors a...
 Block count: 2129
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American Suburban Home 3

Suburban houses ... I seriously love those sweet houses. First of all because of the warm ...
 Block count: 2222
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American Suburban Home 2

Have I ever told You how much I love Suburban houses? I mean just look at this house here,...
 Block count: 1813
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American Suburban Home 1

Woah, this home here has a red carpet. Life like living on a red carpet ... is that a sayi...
 Block count: 1869
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Dystopian Village House 3

Well Dystopian houses sure are very different from ... idk Medieval houses. I mean this he...
 Block count: 245
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Dystopian Village House 2

Woah, this house here is so cool - gray stones, the design of it and the shape ... I think...
 Block count: 317
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Dystopian Village House 1

What do You think of Dystopian houses, huh? I just love how different and unique they are....
 Block count: 290
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Dystopian Village Hut 3

Straight lines, clean colors and simple details are the keywords of this Dystopian village...
 Block count: 169
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