Modern Houses


Exotic Modern Villa 8

How about a nice big and modern Villa for the summer? A perfect place to throw pool partie...
 Block count: 4921
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Exotic Modern Villa 5

This modern Villa here has everything - a pool, a yard, balconies, fountain, grilling area...
 Block count: 9354
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Elite Modern Villa 4

Modern bundle is surprising us with another fabulous villa. This time it's white, fully fu...
 Block count: 5242
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Elite Modern Villa 3

How inspiring is that!? An elite modern villa that looks super realistic and close to thos...
 Block count: 6119
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Elite Modern Villa 2

Wanna see something absolutely gorgeous? Take a look at these pictures, easy as that! The ...
 Block count: 4932
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Elite Modern Villa 1

Now this is what I call a modern villa, just look how beautiful it looks. The unique desig...
 Block count: 4874
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Elite Modern Seaside Villa

Who doesn't want to live in a villa near to the sea? Listen to the waves and birds every d...
 Block count: 4411
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Elite Modern Mansion

This Mansion here makes me wanna become an architect, I mean who can think of a house that...
 Block count: 6608
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Elite Modern Apartment Building

If You are not a house person then how about these apartments here? I love how modern and ...
 Block count: 6319
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Rustici Modern Rustic House

Who doesn't love rustic houses? Aren't they just the cutest, or what? Look how homey and c...
 Block count: 696
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Hermes Modern House

A black house everybody, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. This is a perf...
 Block count: 1193
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Nirvana Modern House

Can You keep up with all the new modern builds? I feel like it's too much! Too much awesom...
 Block count: 1167
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Zenoidas Modern House

I love unique modern houses. I mean this is Minecraft, if You've got a change to do someth...
 Block count: 1023
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Solarea Modern House

Solarea modern house, I love it, I really do, I just wish it would be a bit bigger. But it...
 Block count: 976
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Stonelis Modern House

This house here looks like a maze, You can get lost in there, it is so cool ... perfect fo...
 Block count: 1083
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Brickelis Modern House

Imagine Your morning in this house, it is so bright and the morning sun is peeking through...
 Block count: 1204
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