Modern Houses


Dystopian Village Hut 2

Oh gosh. Who on Earth would enjoy living in this hut!? That's scary! I would get claustrop...
 Block count: 121
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Dystopian Village Hut 1

Actually, I like that. It's really compact but You've got everything You need for daily bu...
 Block count: 215
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Dystopian Village House 4

Any village needs to be filled with lots of houses. Dystopian style village isn't any exce...
 Block count: 328
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Dystopian Village Hospital

As we all might know, dystopia isn't the most pleasant place to be. It's full of negative ...
 Block count: 886
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Dystopian Village Eating Station

When You didn't know it was dystopian style house, I guess You would've thought it's just ...
 Block count: 340
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Dystopian Village Blacksmith

The funny thing about dystopian style houses is that they all look the same. So You can't ...
 Block count: 506
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Dystopian Village Apartments

Matioshka has thought about everything. Houses, farms, hospital... and even apartment buil...
 Block count: 728
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Modern Family House 4

It's time to start thinking about how Your future house should look like. This model right...
 Block count: 20956
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European Style Small Palace 2

10 points to VxCoMobPwner for doing such a great job with the colors! Well, the overall de...
 Block count: 7838
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European Style Small Palace

Anybody home? Looks pretty empty out there. An European style small palace like that shoul...
 Block count: 10116
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European Small Commercial Building

Wanna build a decent European style city? A small commercial building is never a bad idea....
 Block count: 1822
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European Small Apartment Building

When it comes to busy European streets, apartment buildings are always so packed. And actu...
 Block count: 1453
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European Commercial Building

Oh booooy! That blue color is melting my heart! I don't care what this house is originally...
 Block count: 7173
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European Apartment Building

Classic. That building shows exactly how European style apartment buildings look like. And...
 Block count: 5694
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Modern Family House 3

Well these people got money. Like a lot of money. Man, that house is huge! Looks like this...
 Block count: 15521
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Modern Family House 2

Well this here is seriosuly huge family house. I wonder who has such a big family, so luck...
 Block count: 15037
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